These are soliloquies on philosophy, arts and technology by some guy simply being-in-the-world.

In another life I was a positivist and determinist who spent over a decade at the commercial end of information technology. Now, I have been resurrected as an ethnographer and working as a Lecturer at the University of Southampton. My area of interest centres on the engagement with technologies using field research methods, everyday practices and ways of being in the world.

I started this website to collect the ideas (which may or may not be) related to my doctoral research.

I have lived in Pakistan, Ireland, Sweden, New Zealand and currently living in the UK You can find more about my online presence here.

The entries at Days of Parrhesia by Hameed Chughtai are cross posted to Twitter and (sometimes) to Google+ feeds and are licensed under the CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 License.