Feynman on Computer Science

In 1985, Richard Feynman briefly discussed Computer Science at Bell Labs; in short, he sustains the primacy of human purpose against the technological tools. In other words, IT is equipment to be used for a purpose; a very Heideggerian perspective, in my opinion.

the question is… is there any science to be gained from this [or we have] only reduced it to engineering from this point up;

[well] i thought it was engineering from the first place;

i don’t believe in computer science.

to me, science is the study of the behavior of nature,

and engineering or up like these is the behavior of things we make.

you need to know how nature works in order to make the things and so you use science and engineering,

but you’re doing it for a human purpose and the computer is being built in this case for human purpose; …

entire purpose, from my point of view, is a human purpose of making interesting machines…i consider engineering so;

i have not noticed when i slipped out of science and into engineering, i did it when i started on the the problem…

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