Progressive Geographies

Twenty-five years after they first published it, Telos are again highlighting the letter Martin Heidegger sent to Carl Schmitt in August 1933. The point of the letter was to thank Schmitt for sending a copy of The Concept of the Political. After praising the reading of Heraclitus, Heidegger signifies he doesn’t have time to further comment on the text, making the quip that “But now I myself am in the middle of polémios [war] and all literary projects must take second place”.

In the 25th anniversary commentary on this piece, Juan Carlos Donado discusses the piece, and makes something of the notion of ‘war’. Given the year, that Heidegger was then Chancellor of Freiburg, a political post, and had recently joined the Nazi party, this is significant – he is describing his political actions as ‘war’. Or so we would be led to believe.

Except Heidegger doesn’t say ‘war’…

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