bíonn siúlach scéalach

The Irish saying roughly translates as the travelers have tales to tell. Its Irish roots are explored by Daltaí na Gaeilge that explains,

One interpretation is a variation of the American proverb, “Travel broadens the mind,” and the English axiom, “He that travels much knows much.” Such a traveller returns with a great store of sagas about his peripatetic exploits. On the other hand, there is another interpretation explicit in the English language proverb that says, “A traveller can lie with authority.” In this case, the travelling storyteller can weave the wildest yarns without fear of being challenged by the untravelled audience. Maybe there is a middle ground. Isn’t it the story itself that is important to the Irish, to every literate person, in fact? Was it any good? Whether it was fiction or non-fiction is of secondary interest.

Anyway, this traveler has arrived in the southern hemisphere — Auckland, New Zealand — and will post stories in days to come.


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