The Fiend

A few abstract theodolites. The Mad Salon. A Chronicle of favourite pastimes. Art among the mad, or the mad in art. The opinions of two great French Psychiatrists. Thoughts written in the margin of insane pictures. The fatal breakdown of vocation. The restless creativity of an Indo-American. Madness, secret of human destiny.

The Countess of Noailles’s favourite pastime is to paint. Max Jacob and Francis Picabia have theirs also in painting. Charlie Chaplin has his in musical composition. Lindbergh has his in song. The French senators favourite pastime is the Basque Ball, and the members, in drawing. Marritte de Rauwera’s favourite pastime is classical dance. The deaf have theirs in sculpture, and the mad in painting. The favourite pastime is a current phenomena, because man never devotes both arms to a single vocation, but always reserves the left for what, just for an instant, may have been.

The principal vocation…

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