Vallejo on Technology

The poet César Vallejo published only three books in his lifetime and left very little prose and non-fiction.  His poetry is arguably phenomenological in nature and though he never addressed the question of technology, as far as i know, he makes a remarkable comment in Aphorisms (p. 53),

La mecánica es un medio o disciplina para pealizar la vida, pero no es la vida misma. Esa debe llevarnos a la vida misma, que está en el juego de sentimentos o sea en la sensibilidad.

Mechanics is a means or discipline for the realization of life, but not life itself. It ought to carry us to life itself.

The rare short aphorisms collection provides an interesting insight into Vallejo’s phenomenological underpinnings that amazingly subscribe to Heidegger’s later philosophy. The translator comments on aphorisms,

These are not aphorisms in the classical sense of philosophic gemstones cut and polished to epigrammatic perfection. They are more like thoughts-in-progress from the notebooks of a radical modernist poet trying to regain his bearings […]

You can purchase the copy of Vallejo’s Aphorism on Amazon here.

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